When It's Time To Sell Your Maui Home or Condo

Selling a Home or Condo on Maui

Making the decision to sell your home or condo isn’t always easy. Many times sellers are not selling because they really want to let go of the property. They sell because something happened in their life where they are either moving off the island, need to rebalance their real estate portfolio, or need the equity elsewhere. Just because the decision to sell isn’t always easy, doesn’t mean that the process of selling needs to also be difficult. 

In fact, it can actually be quite simple when you work with an experienced agent. In this article, I’m going to go over all of the steps of the selling process as they relate specifically to Maui as well as discuss a few of the key considerations sellers will…

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You Are From Canada and Want to Buy on Maui? Here's What You Should Know

Buying on Maui From Canada

Maui has been an extremely popular destination for Canadians for decades and during that time they have done their fair share of buying and selling of property on the island. In 2021, Canadians collectively purchased approximately $61,000,000 of property in Kihei and Wailea. By far, Canadians most desired part of the island is South Maui.

Canadians also spent $24,000,000 on homes and condos in West Maui. These two areas are, of course, the main areas where short-term rentable condos exist on the island affording the owners to generate significant revenue when they aren’t using the condo for their own enjoyment. While most of our buyers from Canada are from British Columbia…

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Finally, Something To Write About!

Maui Real Estate Market

I had to take a break from writing market reports! It was just too redundant, it was the same story month after month for the past year and a half with terms like ‘pent-up demand’, ‘historic low inventory’, ‘multiple offers/200k over ask’ and ‘historic low-interest rates’. If you were as tired of reading them as I was of writing them, this market report is going to be a breath of fresh air.

We finally have something new to share and analyze. After about 18 months of running itself to death, the real estate market itself has finally taken a much-needed breath of fresh air and we can pronounce the market as shifted

The Maui Market is Still a Seller's Market, But It Is Beginning to Favor Buyers More


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