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Your Guide to Prepping Your New Home or Condo for Move In

what to do after buying a house

Even the most straightforward home-buying experience can create stress for home buyers, and this can be elevated when you have bought and sold a house at the same time. Now that you have signed all of the important documentation and have keys to your new home in hand, you may be ready to move in and get settled.

However, before moving into a new home, there are a few important steps to take that will help you to make a smooth transition and enjoy your property from day one. What are the first things to do after buying a house?

Set Up Your Utilities

The previous homeowners have likely shut off the utilities to the house by the closing date. You understandably need access to…

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Renting a Home vs Buying a Home: Benefits and Drawbacks


The debate is as old as time. For decades now, people have been comparing renting vs. buying and trying to decide which is better. People are arguing on both sides, and each has some solid points.

Both renting and buying have been made infinitely easier and better thanks to the internet. For example, you can have online apartment locators working with you from the comfort of home if you check out The Urban Avenue here! There are also several great tools for buyers, too.

But the question still remains, which is best? Well, the answer truly is, it depends. While the right move for one person might be to buy…

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