Finding Condos on Maui That Allow Pets

If you have a furry friend, finding a condo to purchase or rent on Maui can be a little bit more challenging. Not all property listings designate if the complex is pet-friendly or not, or if it is pet-friendly, how pet-friendly. Working closely during your search with a licensed real estate agent remains one of the best ways to obtain accurate, up-to-date information about this issue. 

While you're still in the searching phase, this article contains information about complexes that do allow pets at this time. Also, there are certain protocols to follow when bringing a pet to Hawaii that you'll want to look over and this page also has information on that.

About Pet-Friendly Condos on Maui

Pets on Maui Condos

This page lists a number of condominium communities maintaining pet-friendly association policies. However, it does not constitute a comprehensive database, sometimes exceptions are allowed. Additionally, pet owners need to remember that some communities change their pet policies from time to time.

Pet-friendly condos on Maui also vary widely with respect to the details of their individual policy guidelines. For instance, some communities permit dogs, but not cats (and vice versa). Other developments place numerical limits on the number of pets residing in a unit. Still, others require pets to meet specific weight, size, or breed limitations.

The Maui Humane Society supplies prospective owners with helpful referrals to dogs, cats, and other pets seeking good homes. The organization also assists pet owners forced to surrender an animal due to an address change. 

Consider discussing your requirements for your pets with a Maui real estate agent (such as myself!) before launching a property search. Taking this step frequently helps clarify the parameters for a dream home on Maui!

West Maui

West Maui Condos

One of the most popular vacation destinations in Hawaii, West Maui includes numerous condo developments that welcome pets. Most condominium complexes, like Ka'anapali Shores, currently do not allow dogs and cats on the premises. 

Yet many other condo developments, like the beautiful Honua Kai Resort and Spa, permit one pet of any size per unit. The resort encompasses two towers and the Luana Gardens Villas. It stands on a lushly landscaped tract adjoining North Ka'anapali Beach. Pet owners may also find it useful to explore available condos at the lovely Opukea in Lahaina. Constructed in 2008, the complex limits residents to two pets per unit.

Some other pet-friendly developments include:

South Maui

South Maui Condos

Pet owners also find many appealing options in the South Maui areas of Kihei, Wailea, and Makena. These selections include the beautiful Hokulani Golf Villas in Kihei, comfortable two, three, and four-bedroom residences with two to three baths. The 152 homes in the complex include garages. Regulations permit two pets of any size.

In Wailea, pet owners might consider the opulent Wailea Elua resort condos. These multi-million dollar properties stand on a carefully landscaped 24-acre tract. Residents may keep one to two pets on the premises. The luxury condos at Wailea Point overlooking the Pacific Ocean also welcome two pets per unit. The townhouse-style residences built in the late 1980s include garages. Many offer priceless panoramic ocean vistas!

Consider these pet-friendly condos in South Maui, too:

Central Maui

Kehalani Pet Friendly Condos

The Master-Planned community of Kehalani in Central Maui includes several subdivisions with pet-friendly guidelines. Three of these complexes attracting the interest of Maui property buyers include The Villas at Kehalani, Iliahi at Kehalani, and Milo Court at Kehalani. All reportedly permit up to two pets of any size.

Constructed in several phases between 2010 and 2015, The Villas encompass over 100 two and three-bedroom townhomes on a spacious 17-acre tract. The townhouse-style Iliahi homes supply two levels and three bedrooms. Condos in Milo Court furnish individual fenced yards!

Other Central Maui condos welcoming pets include:

Bringing a Pet to Hawaii

Maui Pets

Whenever anyone relocates to another state, the move usually requires considerable advanced planning. As the Maui Humane Society can demonstrate, this rule of thumb also holds true with respect to entering the Aloha State. Bringing a pet to Hawaii successfully requires complying with an extensive body of health and safety regulations. It also typically involves considerable expense. Click here for current requirements.

As a rabies-free jurisdiction (and one containing valuable endangered species of plants and animals), the Hawaiian Islands have implemented rigorous laws to protect the health of people and wildlife. You cannot bring most domestic pets into Hawaii without first obtaining a Certificate of Health issued by a licensed veterinarian who examined the animal.

Since extensive additional regulations apply, consider discussing the issue of relocating your pet to Maui with your pet's veterinarian well in advance of your intended moving date. State laws prohibit the introduction of some species. The bottom line: by planning a relocation carefully, animal owners avoid a lot of heartbreak later.

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