55 of The Very Best Things to Do on Maui

Maui Things to Do

Let me start by saying, I love Maui. Like, really love it. I’ve lived on Maui since 2010 and have had the great fortune of experiencing so many fun things around the island over the years. When I first moved to Maui, I worked in the activity sales business and we were invited to enjoy all of the fun island activities like the Molokini snorkel cruises, luaus, helicopter tours, ziplines, literally everything, for free.  

I was in that business for around 8 years before getting into real estate and during that time I probably went to 20 luaus, flew with each helicopter company at least 3 times, biked the volcano 10 times, well, you get the point, I really enjoyed doing all of the activities. Over the last few years on my Maui real estate blog I have written “# best things to do” articles for just about every part of the island individually and now its time to put it all together for my top 55 things to do around the entire island of Maui. 

This list will include those Maui activities that are my favorites, but also my favorite places to eat, the best hikes, places to snorkel, best hotels/places to stay, and even a few things you may have never considered. I will also include relevant social media accounts and OpenTable links so you can easily follow the company or make a reservation. It will be impossible to do all of these inside a week or two so you may need to plan multiple visits to check them all off! Your trip to Maui helps with our recovery from the fire, so, please come see us! 

Out of all of the amazing things to do around Maui it feels like a daunting task to try to rank them, so, I'm going to start with a few must do experiences and the rest are not necessarily in order. In a week or two on Maui, you would only be able to choose from a few of these and everyone will have their own adventures they will gravitate to.

Sunset Dinner Cruise things on Maui to do

Maui is a truly special place and writing this article of my favorite things to do on Maui started to feel like something of a love letter to Maui. I'm seriously grateful for the amazing memories I have from experiencing all of these wonderful things, particularly in the past 5 years since I met my wife. Most of the photos you see are my own and are special memories of mine.

I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I did putting it together. That being said, lets get started with my first favorite thing to do!

Watching the Sunrise at Haleakala

I start with the Haleakala Sunrise as it is one of the most coveted and limited experiences you can have while on Maui. I’ve seen some cool things in my life, but this experience of watching to sun rise from above the clouds at 10,000 ft on top of a volcano is really pretty magical. If you’re going on your own, you will definitely appreciate having layers of warm clothing, a Yeti thermos full of hot coffee or tea, and getting there a little early to secure a good spot. If you can, bring a sleeping bag to hang out in prior to the sunrise for ultimate comfort.

People ask, what is the number one thing to see on Maui? I say the number one thing to see is the sunrise at Haleakala. The temperatures can be in the 30’s at the peak of Haleakala at sunrise and with an altitude of 10,000 ft, it definitely feels cold! If you're spending time Upcountry, see my Upcountry Things to Do article. 

Things to do on Maui: Haleakala

With the recent change to the reservations system, only a select few who can get a reservation starting 48 hours before the sunrise time are able to witness this incredible event. If you strike out on trying to get a reservation, you can also do a Sunrise tour with a tour provider as they have commercial allotments.

If you’re feeling like having some real fun, book a sunrise tour with the downhill biking afterwards. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds and it is about the most fun you can pack into one morning. Learn more about reservations here at recreation.gov.

Molokini with Alii Nui

What do you get when you combine an epic snorkeling destination with the best in class catamaran and on-board experience? You get the Snorkel Molokini Tour with Alii Nui. Molokini is just an epic destination and Alii Nui is the best way to experience the journey. The trip departs from Ma'alaea Harbor, making it particularly convenient for those staying in Kihei or Wailea, but also not that far from Ka'anapali or Kapalua. 

This crescent shaped volcanic cinder cone is one of Maui’s most iconic landmarks and creates perfect conditions for an amazing snorkeling experience. Watch out though, the food and drink on the boat are so good that you may forget to jump in the water. 

Helicopter Tour of Molokai with Maverick Helicopters

I've gone on many helicopter trips on Maui over the years and nothing impressed me like Maverick Helicopters' Molokai Voyage. The island of Molokai is just across the Pailolo Channel from Maui and features some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in the world including the world's tallest sea cliffs towering at heights up to 4,000 ft. Along the ride you'll see plenty of beautiful sites along West Maui also. 

Hiking the Kapalua Coastal Trail

Things to do on Maui: Kapalua Coastal Trail

The Kapalua Coastal Trail is a spectacular trail that traverses Kapalua from Kapalua Bay to DT Fleming Beach Park. It's relatively flat and is 1.76 miles each way. Along the trail you'll have great views of the outer islands of Molokai and Lanai, as well as see three of Maui's best beaches. 

Several great properties are located along the trail and make three great options for places to stay. The Montage Residences, The Kapalua Bay Villas, and the Ritz Carlton Kapalua are all in this area and offer great oceanfront experiences. 

Experience the Natural Beauty of Hana

Black Sand Beach Maui

Any "Best Things to Do on Maui" list is going to include the Road to Hana. However, its not as simple as it sounds and its also not as dangerous as it may sound too. Should you choose to drive all the way to Hana and back to your accommodations in the same day, be prepared, its a very long day and may leaving you feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation! The road is long, slow, and windy.

There are dozens of potential stops, so you will want to map out your stops carefully. If Hana is high on your list of things to do, I would recommend staying overnight and making it a two day affair. You can book an Airbnb at the Hana Kai located at Hana Bay and get the most out of the adventure. If you're intent on seeing as much as possible I would recommend getting a private tour in an SUV with a provider like Hawaii by Storm. They know every inch of the road and how to maximize your time.

Things to Do on Maui

Along the Road to Hana there are many great waterfalls and beaches as well as amazing views at every turn. If I could only do three main things on a Hana day, I would stop at a waterfall like Three Bears, around mile marker 19, for a half hour or hour for a swim, make sure I had ample time for Waianapanapa Beach Park (Black Sand Beach) and also had time for Kaihalulu Beach (The Red Sand Beach)

Common Questions About Visiting Maui

What Not To Do On Maui?

Sometimes, a what not to do list is more valuable that a to do list. Fortunately, Maui has way more fun things to do than things you shouldn't do, but here are the main three things not to do

1. Turn your back on the ocean. Maui is known for its big waves and our waves are at their most dangerous right at the beach. Some beaches don't experience big shore breaks, but many like DT Fleming and Big Beach do. Between sets it can look like things have calmed down and the waves are over. Yet, in a moment a huge wave can appear. Many people get seriously injured each year by getting hit with a wave at shore with their back turned to a wave. So, be safe at the beach and keep your eyes on those waves!

2. Swim in brown water. When we have heavy rains, particularly in the winter months, the run off can be so strong that it will turn the water brown. This happens more in Kihei than it does in others areas. A majority of shark attacks happen in brown water because the tiger sharks, who are hunting for turtles in the brown water, can mistake you for something it wants to eat! Not to freak you out, you're going to be 100% in the water here, just make sure its not brown!

3. Don't forget mineral sunscreen. Scientific studies have proven that synthetic sunscreens that contain oxybenzone, octinoxate, and avobenzine are directly harmful to the ultra-sensitive coral reefs that provide life in the ocean. Non-mineral sunscreens are not allowed to be sold in Maui.

If you forgot your sunscreen, no worries, you can grab some mineral suncreen at the store, but if your bringing sunscreen, make sure its reef safe mineral please. 

What is the most visited place on Maui?

Outside of the resort areas of South Maui and West Maui, Haleakala National Park is the most visited part of Maui. Most people make sure it gets at least one day of the trip and the park is not only at the summit of Mt. Haleakala, its actually in Hana at Kipahulu also. 

When is the best month to visit Maui?

The best month to visit Maui is February or March. While our busiest time of the year is mid-December through the end of January, the months of February and March are typically a few degrees cooler than the hottest point in the summer and its the heart of whale season. Watching humpback whales is a dream come true for animal and nature lovers. 

Enjoy a Pool Day

Maui Things to Do: Go to the Pool! 

No vacation to Maui is complete without at least one rest day spent doing nothing but living the pool life. While we have many amazing adventures and things to do, its also important to just chill sometimes. Most hotels and condos that do AirBnb will have a pool area of some sort, but if not, don't worry, ResortPass has you covered. 

With Resort Pass you can get a day pass or even reserve a cabana at properties like the Andaz, Grand Wailea, or Westin Ka'anapali. If you're wondering what the best pools are, check out my article on the best pools on Maui.

Old Lahaina Luau or Marriott’s Te Au Moana Luau

My Wife and I at a luau on Maui

When I was in the activity business, everyone wanted to know, what's the best luau on Maui? After going to them all, I can tell you there isn't a 'best luau on Maui'. However, there is a best luau in South Maui and a best luau on West Maui. On West Maui, its definitely the Old Lahaina Luau and on South Maui, I gravitate towards the Marriott Te Au Moana Luau.

I say this because, as good as these luau experiences are, neither is worth driving 45 minutes to and back from, after a luau with an all you can eat buffet and all you can drink bar, you're not going to want to drive very far, so keep that in mind when booking.  As you can see from the photo, my wife and I were all smiles at the Marriott Te Au Moana Luau back on our 4th date in 2019. 

Kilohani Spa at Grand Wailea

The long awaited re-opening of the spa at the Grand Wailea has arrived recently in 2024. After years of extensive renovations, the newest spa on Maui, the Kilohani Spa is now open for business and its better than ever

If you're looking for the Grand Wailea experience, but want a larger residence during your stay, you can stay across the street at Ho'olei

A Beach Day: Big Beach or Mokuleia Bay

Big Beach on Maui

My favorite beaches for a beach day would be either Big Beach in Makena or Mokuleia Bay aka Slaughterhouse in Kapalua. I like these two because they are away from the resorts and feel like beautiful wild places. If you're looking for a resort that has a good beach in front of it for convenience, the Honua Kai is great for that and so Wailea Elua

Shave Ice at Ululani’s

Shave Ice is one of the most popular treats in Hawaii and no one has mastered the art of the craft as well as Ululani's Shave Ice. Don't get me wrong, there are many great places to get shave ice around Maui, but having to choose a favorite I would be hard pressed not to recommend Ululani's. They have several locations around the island and deliver on the hype surrounding them.

Surf Lessons with the Maui Surfer Girls

Learning to surf without lessons is not something the average person can easily do. Surfing requires a lot of practice and knowledge to really enjoy, so I certainly recommend anyone interested in surfing to get lessons. The Maui Surfer Girls are one of Maui's best surf schools and can make surfing a lot easier for anyone. 

The Best Things To Do on Maui By Area

Golf at the Kapalua Plantation Course

Plantation course Maui Golf

If you're a serious golfer, the first course on your list of courses to play on Maui should definitely be the Kapalua Plantation Course. It's a challenging round of golf and is also home to the PGA Tour season's inaugural event each year in January, the Sentry.

Phil Mickleson at the Sentry in Kapalua

While the pros leading the tournament will typically shoot 6-10 under a day from the back tees here, even very good amateur players will find the course very challenging. It's one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world and certainly one of the best golf courses on Maui. Even though Phil Mickelson left the PGA Tour for LIV it was still cool to watch his masterful short game in person.

Book a tee time here

Brunch at Mala Tavern

We're very thankful that Mala Tavern was not lost in the Lahaina fire and still stands today. Established originally in 2004, Mala became one of Maui's best restaurants quickly. Today, the institution benefits from a new ownership group that had also created massive success at Down the Hatch on Front Street.

While they have a wonderful dinner menu and I encourage you to go there for any meal, for brunch, its unbeatable. The location, the atmosphere, and the creativity of the menu really make it a memorable experience. Brunch is daily from 9am to 2pm. 

Walk the Wailea Beach Path

Wailea Beach Path of Maui Things to Do

Similar in concept to the Kapalua Coastal Trail, the Wailea Beach Path spans the oceanfront areas of Wailea in front of the resorts and passes along Ulua Beach, Wailea Beach, and Polo Beach. One of the most beautiful sections is through the cliff area in front of Wailea Point.

If you're not staying in Wailea, you can park at the Ulua Beach or Polo Beach parking lot to enjoy some sunshine and views along this 3.2 mile out and back paved walking path. 

Visit the Lavender Farm in Kula

Maui Things to Do Lavender Farm Kula

On the upper slopes of Haleakala, Kula is one of Maui's most unique and charming areas. The Alii Kula Lavender Farm makes a fun trip to do that's also near  Poli Poli State Park and Kula Forest Reserve which has many great hiking trails. On your way to or way back from the Lavender Farm, make sure to check out Kula Lodge for food or drinks. 

Rent a Stand Up Paddle Board near Kamaole Beach

This one is simple, grab a paddle board at Auntie Snorkel, walk across the street and go stand up paddleboarding! Have fun!

Cliff Jumping at Cliff House or Black Rock

Cliffhouse Kapalua

For the adventurous ones out there looking to experience one of Hawaii's more extreme activities, going to Cliff House in Kapalua or Black Rock in Ka'anapali offers a variety of cliff jumping from 5 to 10 feet high up to 30 to 40 feet high. Younger folks generally excel at this sport and at both locations you may see some of Maui's youth pulling off some incredible jumps. Cliff House is the local name we use for the area because of the actual Cliff House that sits across the bay in front of the Montage that is used for a private wedding venue. Don't jump from there!

Cliff House is accessible via the Kapalua Coastal Trail, its also next to the most expensive real estate listing on Maui, 9 Bay Drive. Black Rock is in front of the Sheraton Ka'anapali, both make great snorkeling locations as well. 

Nakalele Blowhole- Poelua Bay

If you're staying in Ka'anapali or Kapalua, I think this is a must do excursion in connection with a visit to Honolua Bay. Nakalale Blowhole is a natural geological feature that creates a geyser from the incoming waves hitting the cliffs. It's a few miles down the road from Honolua Bay and the drive has spectacular scenery.

When you get there, there are some hiking trails in the area and sometimes there will be some folks set up with a tent selling pickled mango or other treats. The blowhole is pretty consistent if we have trade winds and a swell. 

Waihee Ridge Trail

Waihee Ridge Trail Maui

Waihee Ridge Trail is on everyone's list of best hikes on Maui. It's off the beaten path near Wailuku Country Estates towards Kahakuloa in the Central Maui area past Wailuku. This isn't a terribly long trail but it does have a lot of altitude gain over the first 2 miles that are all uphill.

Fortunately, the 2 miles coming back are all downhill and along the way you'll have some great views of the surrounding rainforest and valley below as well as Haleakala and East Maui on a clear day. 

Northshore Ziplines in Haiku

Let's face it, zip lining is just fun and Maui has a pretty broad selection of options for zip lines. After having done them all, my favorite is Northshore Ziplines. They are located in Haiku and have a really fun zip line course thats located on an old Army camp from the 40's. The guides are super friendly and its just a really fun couple of hours. 

Mountain Bike in Makawao Forest Reserve

Maui Things to do in Makawao

Makawao Forest Reserve is the largest and most accessible trail network on Maui located just a few minutes from Makawao Town. The trails are great for hiking, but they're also great for mountain biking. There are bike only downhill trails that feature some pretty epic terrain and jumps.

Krank Cycles in Makawao can get you set up with everything you need for a day of downhill. 

Pizza at Marlow/Beers at Mahalo Aleworks in Pukalani

Living in Pukalani, I'm very partial to this place as its about 5 minutes from my house, but really, if I'm going for pizza anywhere on Maui, Marlow's would easily be my first choice. They make the best pizzas with a variety of unique toppings and they have amazing specials regularly.

You can enjoy this delicious pizza in the slightly upscale, yet not too upscale, atmosphere of Marlow's restaurant or you can hang out at Mahalo Aleworks next door enjoying their craft beer and bring the pizza over to enjoy there. If you're just looking for the brewery experience and don't want pizza, Upcountry Sausage Company has a food truck at Mahalo Aleworks and they have a great selection as well. 

Find a Game of Pickleball

Things to do on Maui Hawaii

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America and Maui has its fair share of pickleball courts. It doesn't matter if you're staying West Side or South side, there are a variety of great courts to find a pick up game. Check out the Facebook Group to get connected. 

Launiupoko Beach Park

Launiupoko Beach Park is more of a surf spot and park than it is a beach. There isn't a whole lot of sand here, but there is a lot of shaded grassy area for having a bbq, hanging out with friends, or catching some waves. The waves at Launiupoko are typically gentle and great for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Parking is usually readily available on the ocean side or right across the road in the overflow lot. The park has all the things you need for a day at the beach including restrooms and showers. Many choose to live in the Launiupoko neighborhood so they can enjoy the waves and the park anytime they want. 

I'ao Valley State Park

The I'ao Needle is another one of Maui's trademark landmarks and it can be found in the I'ao Valley. Fortunately, the I'ao Valley State Park just reopened in 2024 after being closed for several years following a flooding event that damaged the parking lot and other amenities at the park.

One of my favorite things to do at I'ao Valley is to hike along the I'ao Stream and swim in some of the pools that are upstream. 

Lipoa Point Pools Kapalua

Things to Do on Maui Pools

This one is off the beaten path a little and will require some caution on the part of anyone considering doing it. At the end of the road for the lookout just past Honolua Bay is a little trail that goes along Lipoa Point. On a calm day, I mean a very calm day, which is not many days at this frequently windy point, you can safely swim and jump off some rocks in the pools located here.

Be very mindful of the waves though as one big wave can send you into the rocks and possibly to the hospital. Bringing a float and a backpack full of cold beverages will make the adventure even more enjoyable, but, above all, stay safe!

Upcountry Farmers Market

Every Saturday morning in the Kulamalu Town Center dozens of local vendors get together to host the Upcountry Farmers's Market where you can get the freshest fruits and vegetables on Planet Earth. If you get there early enough you can buy fresh fish from some local fisherman, they always sell out, so get there early to score the Ahi.

Also at the Upcountry Farmers Market are many local artists with unique crafts, local Maui grown coffee, and much more. 

Lineage Wailea

Originally developed by famous Maui Chef Simeon Sheldon, Lineage is not only one of my favorite restaurants because of the originality and creativity of the menu, but also because my wife and I had our first date there! First dates aside, Lineage embraces the Polynesian urge to explore and they explore the limits of Asian fusion cuisine with dishes like Aji Tamago, which is 6 minute ramen eggs, dashi soy marinade, truffle mushroom duxelles, potato whip, furikake, and chives. 

The Wagyu Kalbi Ribs are insanely good and so are the Cantonese Lobster Noodles. Enjoy Instagram famous cocktails like "Da Musubi Man' which is served in a Spam can! Lineage is still my personal favorite restaurant on the island and I'm impressed every time I go back. 

Learn to Scuba Dive at Kahekili (Airport) Beach Ka’anapali

If learning to scuba dive is on your list of things to do while you're on Maui you'll want to explore learning at Airport Beach in Ka'anapali. It's a great place for beginners with shallow waters, easy entry, and there are a handful of instructors who operate daily at the beach. In2Scuba Diving Maui Dive Co. is a good one to start with.

Maui Brewing Company Kihei

This is a great brewery, among the best breweries on Maui, and it comes with a fun atmosphere. The selection of beers at Maui Brewing Company is fantastic and they have great food here as well. 10/10

Enjoy a Concert at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center

Maui Arts and Cultural Center

I've seen a big variety of shows at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center over the years. My first show at the MACC was Bone Thugs N' Harmony, believe it or not. While we don't regularly get much old school hip hop like that, we do see bands like the Doobie Brothers, Maui residents like Michael McDonald and Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson. We also see several 'Jawaiian' (a mix of reggae and Hawaiian genres) bands like SOJA, Pepper, and recently Sublime.

Mick Fleetwood, another famous and universally loved Maui resident, is almost a guaranteed sighting for any of the more classic music that we have come through and you can tell the artists really enjoy the intimacy of the venue when they get to play at the MACC. 

Kapalua Food and Wine Festival

Kapalua Food and Wine Festival on Maui

Every June the culinary stars align for the annual 4 day celebration of the finest in food in wine in Kapalua at the Kapalua Food and Wine Festival. Wine tastings, wine and food pairings, live music, and a huge variety of special experiences are available for those who enjoy the best of the best in food and wine. 

Windsports at Kanaha Beach Park

Maui is the world capitol of wind sports and has been home to the giants of the sport including Robbie Naish of Naish, Rob Kaplan of Dakine, and Pete Cabrinha of Cabrinha. All three of which are total badasses who have propelled the wind sports world from the Northshore of Maui since the 70's.

Lately, Kai Lenny, born and raised on Maui, has become the ambassador, not just of wind sports, but of surfing at large. Learning these sports takes patience and determination but the thrill of getting up on a kite board with only the power of the wind in your kite propelling you at 20 plus miles an hour is exhilarating. In the past few years, wing foiling has become the the newest edition to the wind sports line up on Maui.

Hike the Lahaina Pali Trail

Things to do on Maui Lahaina Pali Trail

One of the most grueling and challenging hikes on Maui is also one of the most rewarding in terms of views. Above Ma'alaea Harbor, the Lahaina Pali Trail is carved into a rugged landscape that spans the corner of the West Maui Mountains.

Ascending on one side and descending on the other, you can either do a hike up and then back down from either side, or create your won shuttle with two cars and just go over the hill and down.

Either way, its very exposed with almost zero flat areas and you're hiking on rocks most of the time, not a smooth trail like Makawao Forest. Bring tons of water, sun protection, and maybe a few Clif Bars as you're gonna burn some calories on this one. In the winter months the trail makes an incredible place to watch the whales from, but you'll still have spectacular views year round. 

Sunset Picnic at Poli Poli State Recreation Area

Above Kula, next to the Alii Kula Lavender Farm is Poli Poli State Recreation Area where a curvy road ascends a very steep hill that is enjoyed in many different ways by a wide variety of people. From here you can paraglide, go for a hike, play an amazing disc golf course in the forest, fly a remote controlled plane, or just park your vehicle and enjoy an incredible view of the sun setting over the West Maui mountains.

It does get a little chilly up there so pack a jacket if you're planning to stay for a sunset. 

Get an Acai Bowl at Wow Wow Lemonade or Choice Health Bar

If you have an urge for the delicious concoction that is an Acai Bowl, check out Wow Wow Lemonade in Kihei or Choice Health Bar in Paia. Wow Wow specializes in Acai Bowls and Smoothies. Choice makes an outstanding Acai bowl in their Paia location, but also has a wider variety of vegetarian options for a simple, healthy meal. 

Visit the Maui Ocean Center

Perfect for the kids. The Maui Ocean Center is a great aquarium that is open 365 days a year from 9 am to 4 pm. Built in the 1970's by philanthropist Morris Khan, the aquarium's mission is to educate and inspire all of those who come through the doors about our amazing ocean life in Hawaii as well as our need to preserve their habitat.

The coolest part of the aquarium is the massive deep reef exhibit that shows you what life is like 100 feet below the ocean's surface. This exhibit has black tip reef sharks as well as Manta Rays.  

Go Whale Watching In The Winter Months

Whale Watching on Maui

Humans aren't the only species that enjoys vacation on Maui. Every winter, approximately from December to April, humpback whales make their way down the protected and warm waters off the coast of Maui for mating, calving, and strengthening the calves for the return visit to Alaska. The channel turns into 'Whale Soup' and you can't drive to the West Side without seeing dozens of whales along the way.

They are so close to the shore you can whale watch from just about anywhere. However, if you want to see them up close and personal, you'll definitely want to book a whale watching tour

Sunset From Ocean Organic Vodka Distillery Upcountry

On Maui, we're all about enjoying a great sunset. Of course, a sunset is even better with friends/family and a few beverages of choice. The Ocean Organic Vodka Distillery in Upcountry Maui offers an incredible vantage point at a great venue for doing just that. They also serve up a great menu of food and offer tours as well as tastings. 

Hike The King’s Highway at La Perouse Bay

Things on Maui To Do, Hiking La Perouse

Cut through the jagged lava fields from the most recent lava eruption on Maui in the late 18th century, the King's Highway is a beautiful coastal hike that spans approximately 5.5 miles out and back. THis is also an exposed hike and you'll definitely want some tough footwear to protect your feet from sharp lava rocks. Even the gravel along the trail is jagged!

Snorkel Makena Landing

Near the newly developed Makena Golf and Beach Club and Na Hele O'Makena  s one of Maui's best snorkeling, scuba diving, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding areas at Makena Landing. Makena Landing is home to the dive site known as Five Caves and is easily assessable from the shore. Getting there early in the morning is advised and that's when the water will be its clearest.

Here you can see all kinds of marine life including large Honu (sea turtles), a variety of reef fish, and even the occasional white tip shark resting in one of the caves. The white tips are not aggressive, so don't worry if you happen to see one, just give it a wide berth and you'll be alright.

The first time I ever scuba dived the Five Caves at Makena Landing, I actually had a very close encounter with a white tip reef shark. I was following my dive master into a cave and a white tip swam out directly at us as we entered. My heart rate went up to at least 160 BPM as it swam past me so close that I literally felt its skin against me.. Needless to say, I'm still here and I'm also not blindly following dive masters into caves anymore!

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding on Maui

Maui has several places where you can go horseback riding. Circle M Ranch, formerly Mendes Ranch, is the only one I have personally gone on and I had a wonderful time with my wife when we went for her birthday!

Shopping at the Shops at Wailea or Whaler’s Village

Activities on Maui Shopping

Both resort areas of Wailea and Ka'anapali feature large outdoor malls, the Shops at Wailea and Whaler's Village respectively. They are both kind of similar except that Whaler's Village is basically on the beach in Ka'anapali and the Shops at Wailea is a little further from the beach in Wailea behind the Wailea Beach Villas.

In the Shops at Wailea you'll find a few higher end stores like Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Saint Laurent, and Gucci. The shopping center also has many great restaurants like the new Wolfgang's Steakhouse, Ruth's Chris, Tommy Bahama, and Waikiki Brewing Company.

Whaler's Village has a big selection of surf shops like Volcom, Quicksilver, Billabong and also Oakley, Travis Matthew as well as an escape room. Monkeypod Kitchen has a location in Whaler's Village and has become known quite well,  particularly for its Lilikoi Foam Mai Tai that is arguably the best in Hawaii

Upper Waikani Falls aka Three Bears Waterfall

Things to do in Maui Hawaii

Along the famed Road To Hana you'll pass many a nearby waterfall literally just steps away from the road. One of the most stunning of those is definitely known as Three Bears and can be found at Mile Marker 19 on the Road to Hana.

These three waterfalls pour into a large pool that is perfect for swimming while several large boulders sit adjacent to the pool making perfect lounging areas to warm yourself in the sun in between swims. 

Breakfast at The Gazebo in Napili

Napili Bay is one of Maui's most beautiful beaches and at the Napili Shores condo complex you can find the beloved Gazebo restaurant with wonderful views of Napili Bay and the meanest breakfast fried rice you've ever seen in your life. They also have some of the most amazing mac nut pancakes ever assembled.

Make sure you don't plan too much after this meal, you're definitely gonna need some rest and digest time.

Find a Yoga Studio

You won't have to look to far to find a yoga studio on Maui. Maui is a very health conscious place and most residents live here for the abundance of health and wellness pursuits the island offers. My favorite yoga studio is either Mangala in Makawao Town or Maui Yoga Shala in Paia. 

In South Maui at the Mana Kai, you can find some oceanfront Iyengar yoga classes with Maui Yoga Path

Camp Olowalu

Maui doesn't have a ton of camping and isn't particularly know for its camping, but there are a few cool places to camp around the island. Kipahulu, Hana in Haleakala National Park is a great campground and there are many backcountry cabins in the crater, but for oceanfront camping, Camp Olowalu is the spot.

Nearby you can snorkel on the Olowalu Reef which is an astonishing 939 acres of coral reef with a wide variety of marine life to observe. Close to Camp Olowalu is a Leoda's Pie Shop where you can get those extra calories from a delicious Banana Creme Pie after a morning of snorkeling.

Sushi at O’ao at Wailea

Opened in 2024, O'ao has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in Wailea. We have a lot of places to get sushi around Maui, however, I have been very impressed with the quality of the fish at O'ao and the creativity of their specialty roll menu. It has a lively atmosphere and a great drink menu as well. 

Mama’s Fish House

This place has been an institution for fine dining on Maui for as long as anyone can remember. Located oceanfront in Paia, on the way to Hookipa, Mama's Fish House has developed the reputation as one of the best restaurants on Maui, if not the best restaurant.

The location is certainly amazing and the fish on the menu is so fresh they list the name of the fisherman who caught it the day before. Be sure to leave room for desert! The chocolate pearl is out of this world. 

Breakfast at Kihei Caffe, Kihei or Lahaina

Kihei Caffe has become a breakfast powerhouse on Maui. Their first location in Kihei at Kihei Kalama Village became so busy that they opened a second Kihei location at the Maui Coast Hotel and a third location in Lahaina at the Lahaina Gateway Center. 

My personal favorite is the Loco Moco, but they also have great pancakes and make the best Cinnamon Roll I've ever had in my life. 

Tamura’s Poke Bowl

I'm what some would consider a Poke Bowl aficionado. Like, I literally could not tell you how many Poke Bowls I've had in the last 14 years since moving to Maui, I absolutely love them and have tried tons of different places and varieties of poke. We have a lot of great spots, don't get me wrong, Tamura's isn't the only place to get great Poke.

If you haven''t had poke before, its basically just raw sushi tuna cut into cubes and mixed with different sauces. A poke bowl is your flavor of poke of choice served over white rice, simple and delicious. I live near the Pukalani Foodland, which is in my top three places to get poke, they have like 10 different flavors and I probably get poke there the most, but when I'm near Tamura's in Kihei, I'm going in.

They seem to just have the freshest cuts that melt in your mouth and its so good it made my best things to do in Kihei list also. 

Snorkel Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay Snorkeling on Maui Hawaii

The snorkeling at Honolua Bay is really some of the very best in all of Hawaii, not just Maui. During the summer months the bay is very calm and flat, protected from wind and from waves, making the conditions perfect for exploring the variety of coral and marine life below the surface. There are two ways to explore Honolua Bay by snorkel, you can join a catamaran tour with an operator like Trilogy or you can just park along the road and take the short walk in. 

Catch Some Basketball Games at The Maui Invitational

Every November several of the best teams in college basketball come to Maui to play the Maui Invitational Tournament at the Lahaina Civic Center. My favorite team, Kentucky, has not come in a long time, but I'm hoping they will start coming back. We do regularly get the blue bloods though, teams like Duke, Kansas, North Carolina come each year and many of their fans come to support their team.

These teams are used to playing in front of 30,000 fans and Lahaina Civic Center is a high school gymnasium, so its cool experience for basketball fans to see these high level athletes play in a small gym. 

Tiffany’s in Wailuku

Hawaiian food is about way more than Shave Ice and Poke Bowls. We have other delicious things like Kalbi Ribs, Saimin, Mochiko Chicken, Lau Lau, and more types of comfort foods. We would call them 'Local Grindz' and the best place to get local grindz in my opinion is at Tiffany's created by Chef Sheldon Simeon.

Chef Sheldon, who was on Top Chef, also created Tin Roof which is another must visit lunch counter in Kahului. 

Sport Fishing on Maui

Fishing on Maui

Last on this list and certainly not least of my favorite things to do on Maui is sport fishing. We have some incredible fishing around the three islands that make up Maui County with some of the best pelagic fishing being past Lanai. You can catch Ahi, Ono, Marlin, Snapper, Mahi Mahi, and tons of other delicious and beautiful fish with a fishing charter like Strike Zone

My wife and I caught this delicious Ono after a 10 hour day fishing on the northshore of Molokai. It's truly spectacular to fish off the coast of the beautiful outer islands and the thrill of landing a big fish is unmatched. 

What Are Your Favorite Maui Things to Do?

Thanks for hanging in there for all 55 of the best things to do on Maui! I'm curious though, if you've been to Maui even once or live on Maui, what are your favorite things to do on the Valley Isle? Did I miss anything major?

Just leave a comment in the comment section and we can keep the conversation going. Until next time, a hui hou and I hope you make the most out of your next visit to Maui.

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