7 Ways Your Green Thumb Can Help Sell Your House

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Having a green thumb can be a great way to help your home look incredible and ensure nature is incorporated into the area. Having plants and flowers can make a home more comfortable, relaxing, and lively, all at the same time. However, in addition to improving the look of your space, your green thumb could actually help you sell your home. 

If you are looking for ways to sell your home fast and easy, one that you might not have thought to consider is your natural talent for growing plants and decorating with them. This article is going to go over a few ways that your green thumb and interest in plants and flowers can actually make selling your home easier. This isn't just true in the Maui market, but everywhere.

Brighten Up the Home

One of the best reasons to head down to the closest flower shop to your home is to brighten up your space. Not only will it look good for you, but brightening up your home can help you sell it easier and quicker.

Having a bright home full of plants and flowers can make a great first impression, and put potential buyers in a positive mindset. Everyone loves flowers, especially if their color, shape, and style fit with the decor or color of the room.

Of course, be sure to avoid flowers or plants that many people are allergic to, and change them out frequently. While fresh flowers and plants in a home you are showing can work in your favor, if they are dead or dying, they likely won’t be much help at all.

Help the Home Smell Great

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In addition to helping your space look nice, plants and flowers can fill the home with a pleasant scent. A few plants or bouquets of flowers placed strategically throughout a home can help the entire home smell great.

While a good-smelling home won’t be a major selling point, it certainly will not hurt your chances any and can help people feel comfortable and happy in the space.

Of course, not all flowers will smell good, so be sure to do your research, and even test the different flowers out for yourself. A great choice is something like lavender, as it gives off a very subtle, pleasant, and relaxing scent.

Landscaping Can Be the Difference

While indoor plants and flowers can help seal the deal, it is often the landscaping in your backyard that sets one home apart from another. Paths, shrubs, fountains, ponds, and other landscaping features can be real selling points for families or individuals who love spending time outside. Many people have a nice yard high up on their list of wants and needs, so be sure to keep yours looking good, while still being functional.

Of course, be careful not to spend too much money, as this can dig into the profits of your eventual sale. While landscaping can increase the value of a home, you certainly need to be careful.

Also, try keeping the landscaping changes relatively general and people-pleasing. If the changes you make are too specific, there is a chance some people may not like them and the landscaping can actually hurt your chances of selling the home.

Improving Curb Appeal

While the backyard gets a lot of attention, you cannot disregard the front of the home. In order to sell a home, you need great curb appeal, and your green thumb can certainly help in this regard.

When someone first walks up to a home, they instantly begin forming an opinion. A bad curb appeal means that a potential buyer is already in a negative headspace before they even enter the home. As a result, make sure the front of your home looks wonderful to make the best first impression possible. You should have clean landscaping, and some potted plants, and ensure your shrubs and trees are trimmed up nicely.

There are millions of homes sold in the USA each and every year, and having better curb appeal than another home could help make the difference between a buyer choosing yours vs. another home.

A Garden is Very Desirable

If someone has a backyard, you can bet they would love to have a garden in that yard. A great way to make your home more valuable, while also using your green thumb, is to plant a beautiful garden in your yard. A garden can not only look good but also provide some affordable food or ingredients, as well.

The garden should be well-watered, all weeds should be dealt with, and it should be designed in a way that looks good, and ensures every plant and flower gets exactly what it needs. If you get more specific and advanced by having a herb garden or raised garden beds, it can be even more desirable for potential buyers.

Don’t Forget the Mulch

This is an underrated tip, but one that has a ton of benefits is to add mulch to your landscape and garden. Mulch helps soil to remain moist, discourages weeds, and simply helps a garden or area of your landscaping look better.

It is incredibly affordable, and adding it strategically throughout your yard will be easy. Also, mulch comes in different colors like red, brown, or black, so be sure to choose a color that best fits with your home and yard.

Everyone Loves a Gorgeous Lawn

While focusing on the garden, and the various other interesting landscaping features in your space is a good idea, don’t forget about the lawn. It covers a lot of space around the home and needs to look good. An unkempt lawn can instantly drive people away and means one more thing for them to work on and fix if they move in.

Make sure to keep the lawn healthy and trimmed up whenever you have someone viewing the home. This is something that is very quick and easy to do but can make a major positive impact. Make sure to keep it watered, and watch out for weeds.

These are just a few of the many ways that your green thumb can help you sell your home with ease, the easiest way to sell your home with ease is to hire the right realtor for the job. The right realtor will let you know all of the things you need to do to get your home in order to get the highest and best offers available in the market. 

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