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Maui is home to some of the most inspiring homes anywhere in the world and provides the perfect canvas for designers and homeowners to get creative with their interior design. As such, staying current with design is one of the most important components of design and we have put together a list of what we see as the most popular design trends going into 2022. 

Many of the design trends from the mainland are also found here in the islands, but we also get to add the coastal and Hawaiian influences we all love. When you’re searching for real estate on Maui, you’ll understandably be more attracted to modern spaces that balance technology and design. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your current space or if you’re in the market for a condo in Wailea, a home in Kapalua, or something else, you will discover that many of the most inviting spaces have incorporated at least a few of the top 2022 trends in their designs. 

Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

426 WailauPhoto Courtesy of Ram

Given Maui’s gorgeous natural landscapes and amazing climate, indoor-outdoor living spaces are a veritable necessity for luxury living at their finest on the island. Lanais are found in the floorplans for most homes and condos on Maui and beyond, and they flow effortlessly into living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas. 

Lanais are often adorned with beautiful dining and lounge furnishings, stunning lighting, water or fire features, and more. Open concept has been popular for a while now, but in Hawaii we now want that to flow outside effortlessly as well.  Many new construction luxury homes, such as 426 Wailau in Mahanalua Nui in Launiupoko, feature as much as 3,000 square feet of covered lanai space to enjoy the outdoors even more.

An Open-Concept Kitchen and Living Area

This isn't necessarily a new trend, but it certainly isn't going anywhere. Maui has a free-spirited, inviting vibe, and this can be experienced in luxury homes through an open-concept floorplan. This design concept integrates the kitchen, living, and dining areas together without obstructions like doors and walls. They allow beautiful views to be enjoyed throughout more of the condo or home. 

The design also allows natural sunlight to filter throughout a large space, and this creates an airy, relaxed feel. Often, luxury real estate on Maui with this type of floor plan has large exterior windows and towering ceilings. They may also connect the open interior area with an outdoor living area to optimize the flow and the line of sight in the space. 

A Stylish Dedicated Home Office

Maui home office

Many Maui residents have been enjoying the benefits of working from home for years, and the number may have grown recently because of the pandemic. Because of how prevalent working from home has become, you can expect to find a dedicated office space in many Maui homes. The best home office design incorporates functionality with style seamlessly. Storage, connectivity, and lighting are crucial in this type of space.

The Home Gym

Likewise, the pandemic has resulted in many people being increasingly interested in personal fitness with a focus on at-home activities. A dedicated home gym space is a true luxury that Maui’s residents will undoubtedly get plenty of use out of. While there are great gyms on Maui, like Makena Crossfit, it's great to not have to commute to get your workout in. 

These spaces may feature tall exterior windows or floor-to-ceiling mirrors to enhance natural lighting. They also have invigorating colors and ample space for the homeowner to use weights, mats, equipment, and more. 

Nature-Inspired Design

Natural Design Maui

There is an increased focus on nature and wellness, and this is found in Maui design trends in 2022. Greenery, such as Monstera, palms, bamboo, and others, are increasingly common in rooms throughout the home. They bring in a sense of harmony and peace.

At the same time, the beautiful green tones are perfect for setting off the brown, tan, and cream colors that may be used elsewhere in the design scheme. More than that, live greenery is well-known for purifying indoor air. Some people even believe that it can enhance your mood.

Live Wood Edges

A well-designed home is one with a unique personality, and a great way to express this personality is through the use of beautiful materials. In Maui, the union of indoor and outdoor living spaces is enhanced by the use of gorgeous wood pieces inside the home. Live wood edges, such as on countertops, tables, and desks, are increasingly prevalent. 

They incorporate a natural element into a space while also optimizing character. If a home does not have built-in live wood edges, consider investing in a glass-topped coffee table, shelves or an extended dining table with this special feature. 

Smart Home Connectivity

There is nothing new about smart home technology. Features like smart locks, smart thermostats, smart garage door openers, smart lights, and more have been around for years at this point. Modern touches now include the ability to support digital wayfinding and to grant access to some smart features to guests. 

In addition, smart energy features that can actually analyze and manage how you use energy are increasingly common. Also, look for a smart control system that integrates all of the home’s features seamlessly into one central management station.

Creative Lighting Solutions

Maui Lighting

The days of viewing light fixtures as an afterthought are gone. Today’s lighting in the finest homes and condos on Maui incorporate lighting into their spaces as artistic features. Rather than blending in, they stand out beautifully as an individual design element. 

Whether you are looking at wall-mounted sconces, chandeliers, overhead lights, or even lamps, the lighting gives you an opportunity to define the style in a space. At the same time, the actual light cast off from the feature impacts everything from mood to functionality in the space. 

Repurposed Vintage Furnishings

Vintage Furniture Maui

Protecting the environment from the damaging effects of human activities is undeniably important to Maui’s residents, so you may not be surprised to learn that many homeowners are increasingly repurposing vintage furnishings. 

Most notably, you may find beautiful elements from the 1970s restyled into new TV stands, coffee tables, and more. While the 1970s is a dominant era for current interior design, elements from previous decades can also be used tastefully. Rather the reconditioning these pieces, allow their personality to shine through their blemishes.

Contoured Furniture

Another interesting design touch to add to your space is contoured furnishings. These include contoured lanai loungers, interior contoured sofas, and more. Contoured furnishings visually hint at their comfort through their design. At the same time, they feature flowing lines that are easy on the eyes and that evoke senses of peace and relaxation in the space. 

Consider placing these furnishings in rooms where you would kick back and spend time on your own or conversing with good company, such as in bedrooms, family rooms, and more. 

Maui is a place that celebrates laid-back living as well as individuality. Our community also focuses on personal and environmental wellness as well. These traits are all found in the latest home design trends for 2022. As you prepare to upgrade to your home on Maui, consider how some of these design trends may already be worked into the space and how you can incorporate furnishings and other elements into the space after you take ownership.

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