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Kapalua Resort Association

Kapalua Resort is among the most distinguished communities on Maui. Much of its appeal to owners, as well as prospective buyers, is its excellent community management. This master-planned resort community spans 1,650 acres in northwestern Maui and offers some of the most luxurious and breathtaking properties in all of Maui. Kapalua resort is comprised of 10 residential communities, which collectively feature a range of high-end villas, condominiums, and luxury residential homes.

There are also commercial properties on the resort’s grounds. Some of the many communities in the resort are Montage Residences, Ritz Carlton Kapalua, and Pineapple Hill Estates. Residents throughout the resort have access to a variety of amenities and services, and these enhance their ownership experience in various ways. Many aspects of the community are governed and managed by the Kapalua Resort Association. A closer look at the association reveals the critical role that it plays in the living experience of local residents.

Membership in the Kapalua Resort Association

Kapalua Resort Association Maui

Kapalua Resort Association, or KRA, is a non-profit organization with a diverse membership base of property owners within the resort. Established in 1977, the membership is comprised of both individual and commercial property owners. This includes owners of undeveloped lots, parcels of land, single-family homes, condo units, hotels, and various commercial establishments in Kapalua Resort. Included in the group are the owners of properties in Ironwoods, Kapalua Ridge Villas, Kapalua Bay Villas, Kapalua Golf Villas, and other elite resort communities. These property owners hold real estate in Kapalua Resort, so they have a vested interest in its management, maintenance, and community assets.

How Much Are The Dues For The Kapalua Resort Association?

By purchasing property in the resort, an individual or commercial entity automatically becomes an association member. No additional steps are required to obtain membership and to enjoy the KRA's services. Upon purchasing a property in Kapalua Resort, the buyer will receive a copy of the association’s documents. These are also available to view and download on the KRA website.

When a homeowner in Pineapple Hill, Ironwoods, Coconut Grove, or other eligible Kapalua developments in the resort pay their HOA dues, they are paying their KRA dues as well. This is because the Kapalua Resort Association collects fees from the HOA rather than directly from the property owners. While residents may not directly see the cost of their KRA membership, they understandably want to see the benefits of their membership.

Property developers with an ownership interest within the resort are also association members, but the KRA is not a division of a development company. This association operates as a local government specifically for the resort. It also has no role in the delivery of utility services to the area and is not affiliated with municipal service providers. The collective value of all properties in the resort is estimated to be over $1 billion, and the association’s efforts help to preserve and even enhance property values.

What the Association Does for the Kapalua Community

Cliffhouse in Kapalua

On a broad level, the Kapalua Resort Association is responsible for preserving and maintaining the common features and grounds throughout all communities, including Plantation Estates, Coconut Grove, Mahana Estates, and others. The association is a governmental body that specifically manages the resort’s trails, walkways, landscaped community areas, roadways, lighting, signs, and beach access points. Each community in the resort may have its own HOA. These community-specific HOAs are responsible for maintaining the grounds and common features within their respective communities. The KRA is responsible for areas outside of these communities but on Kapalua Resort grounds.

The KRA also manages architectural and aesthetic maintenance and improvements. The association also serves other vital functions within the resort. For example, it contracts with security service providers to keep residential and commercial areas throughout the property safe. It also is responsible for maintaining the shuttle service that residents and visitors take advantage of regularly.

KRA Board of Directors 

The KRA’s Board of Directors, which is comprised of five elected members, meets regularly to manage the association’s finances. The elected officials come from a variety of backgrounds, and they may include real estate developers, hotel owners, and homeowners. At these meetings, they may plan strategically for various improvements that could benefit property owners.

Specific rules and procedures were established in the KRA’s founding documents pertaining to the actions of the Board of Directors. The Association Director is responsible for implementing the intentions of the Board of Directors. This individual is also the point of contact for property owners who have questions or concerns. You can also visit the KRA’s office in person at 700 Village Road for assistance with a specific matter.

Because of the extensive role that the Kapalua Resort Association plays within the resort community, its actions and efforts directly impact residents' quality of life as well as property values. More than that, they protect and preserve the vibrant sense of community that residents enjoy and help with conscientious planning for future developments such as the much anticipated Kapalua Central Resort. 

Listings in Kapalua

Membership Amenities of the Kapalua Resort Association

Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua Maui

Numerous amenities are supported through KRA membership. For example, the Kapalua Resort’s hiking trails, including the Kapalua Coastal Trail, are maintained by the association. Access to the resort’s world-class beaches, which are teeming with wildlife and recreational opportunities, is also managed by the association. In addition, residents who have security concerns have access to onsite security 24 hours a day through Kapalua Security. In addition, the shuttle service offered through KRA is accessible to all property owners. By calling the shuttle service directly, residents can arrange transportation to any beaches, hotels, golf courses, or other venues within the resort.

Beyond these KRA-managed amenities and services, residents of Plantation Estates, Kapalua Bay Villas, Montage Residences, and others in the Kapalua Resort area have convenient access to the amenities at Ritz Carlton Kapalua. Some of these include a spa and several fine restaurants. On the resort’s grounds, you can also play tennis at the Kapalua Tennis Garden, go ziplining, golf at two renowned golf courses and enjoy other activities that may elevate your quality of life. These amenities that are not managed by KRA may be available at additional cost to the resort’s residents.

How to Learn More About Kapalua Resort

Kapalua Resort

Many property owners who are new to one of Kapalua Resort’s communities, like Kapalua Golf Villas, Kapalua Ridge Villas, Mahana Estates, and others, have questions about the infrastructure and features that are covered by their homeowners’ association versus the Kapalua Resort Association. Through the KRA office or the specific communities' HOA management team, you can better determine which association you should contact for assistance on a specific matter.

If you're already a member, you can easily log into the Kapalua Resort Association’s member website where members are able to view the association’s calendar of events and meetings. Attending these meetings is a convenient way to stay informed about various community projects and related services that are governed by the KRA. Association members can also learn more about the management, gain a deeper understanding of how the association works and participate in membership voting by attending meetings.

For those who are interested in serving on the KRA’s Board of Directors in the future, attending meetings is a great starting point for developing relationships and getting involved. However, information about the meetings is also accessible via the KRA website, so property owners do not need to attend live meetings in order to say informed. Meeting information posted on the KRA website includes minutes from each meeting, resolutions, and finances. Members can sign up to receive notification emails from the KRA to stay informed as well.

If you still have questions about what the Kapalua Resort Association does or if you have concerns that need to be addressed, you can always reach out to Evan at 808-214-4799,, or fill out the contact form below to learn more about buying or selling a home or condo in Kapalua or anywhere else on Maui. 

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