Kaimana at Kehalani For Sale

Homes at Kaimana at Kehalani for sale don't stay on the market long and for good reason. These properties provide an excellent location, proximate to important services, and local Wailuku attractions. Kaimana at Kehalani homes have appeal for people seeking solid value in one of Maui's most attractive realty markets.

Kaimana at Kehalani Homes For Sale

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Fashionable Homes in Wailuku

As the capital of Maui County, Wailuku offers a variety of in-demand employment and infrastructure services. Both state and federal agencies maintain offices in the City. Together with nearby Kahului, Wailuku also welcomes cultural and educational institutions. It maintains a broadly based economy. Every year, large numbers of tourists begin their exploration of Maui by flying to the nearby Kahului Airport.

Perhaps, for this reason, the demand for modern, comfortable housing in the local area remains strong. Maui property buyers discover alluring investment opportunities in the Greater Wailuku Area. Extensive regulations seek to balance the development of new subdivisions with long term planning goals.

About The Master Planned Kehalani Community

The beautiful master-planned Kehalani community sits on the outskirts of Wailuku, nestled in the foothills of the West Maui Mountains. It encompasses a 550-acre tract and will eventually provide 2,400 homes. The development includes a number of family-friendly neighborhoods. Kaimana at Kehalani became one of the first fully completed subdivisions in this carefully constructed residential enclave.

The developers of Kehalani took great care to intersperse homes within a network of green spaces and parks. Planners situated houses along quiet, paved lanes and cul-de-sacs while ensuring residents still enjoy ready access to key transportation corridors. The homes for sale in Kehalani offer close proximity to Wailuku and Kahului, yet maintain a distinctly suburban milieu. Children in the community reach nearby schools and playgrounds conveniently.

Consider Kaimana at Kehalani For Sale Homes

The C. Brewer company developed Kaimana at Kehalani during the mid-1990s. The 179 homes in this subdivision include two, three, and four-bedroom houses. Both single-level and two-story structures populate the neighborhood. Most homes in this stylish residential setting features fenced yards and mature landscaping. Makai Park adjoins Kaimana at Kehalani.

The comfortable dwellings here furnish both garden and mountain views. Clustered in a highly walkable neighborhood, they possess a distinctive charm. These residences range in size from 996 square feet to 2,021 square feet. Most offer open floor plans, with modern kitchens and at least two bathrooms. Although the builder sold out newly constructed dwellings in this location, from time to time Kaimana at Kehalani properties reach the re-sale realty marketplace.

Reasons to Select Homes in Wailuku

Maui property buyers discover a multitude of reasons to select these homes in Wailuku. The trendy Kaimana neighborhood in Kehalani generates a lot of interest among investors and homeowners alike. Just consider a few reasons to consider purchasing properties here:

  • Obtain comfortable housing within one of the most appealing Master Planned communities in Hawaii
  • Commute easily to Wailuku and Kahului
  • Travel conveniently to reach beaches, golf courses, and resorts in Maui
  • Invest in a popular real estate micro market located close to employment opportunities, retail stores, and restaurants
  • Own a first or second home on the lovely Island of Maui, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world
  • Enjoy a sunny, balmy climate throughout the year (without the need to shovel snow and ice from your driveway)
  • Savor the beauty of the nearby West Maui Mountains on a daily basis

Homes in this choice location hold enduring appeal. The healthy resale marketplace for Kaimana at Kehalani for sale homes testifies eloquently to the popularity of this pleasant subdivision in a master-planned community!

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